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Friday, September 02, 2016

This Blog

Its usually around US Labor Day I review this blog, some of its stats, assumptions being used.

All my comments are my own,  you can assume they are reflective of my work and interest.  All confidential information remains confidential, all my sources are public.

I indicate all of my considerable quotes.  If at all possible I provide a link to the full document involved.   Quotes are usually quoted and in italics  " .... like this snippet .... "

Although I often supply links, I cannot guarantee they will still be live when you click on them.   I will sometimes repair broken links I discover.  But the sources can be lost forever.  Refer to the Internet Archive for possible sources.

I am open to blogging things you send me, if they match my interests.  They have to be more than just plugs.   Feel free to communicate, I won't quote you unless you say its OK.

This Blog has been around since 2005, it was an outgrowth of a previous blog I managed since 2002

It has about 13,500 posts, Has received about 1.38 million hits, Usually more than a thousand a day.

Selectively, some posts are also placed on Twitter @Franzd

This blog does not pass many comments, because managing the spam is too messy.

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