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Tuesday, September 06, 2016

September/October 2016 Analytics Magazine

The cover story of the September/October issue of Analytics magazine focuses on the threat to Cybersecurity and using better metrics and measurement to address the growing risks. You can also read about making effective decisions in real time, the truth about unstructured data, healthcare analytics, Monte Carlo for the masses, and much more. 

Lead Story
Reducing Cybersecurity Risk 
Better metrics and measurement are the keys to addressing a growing threat.   By Douglas A. Samuelson

There's No Such Thing as Unstructured Data
How to get around the elephant in the room: Four keys to giving structure to unstructured data initiatives.    By Chuck Densinger and Mark Gonzales

Making Effective Decisions in Real Time
Situational intelligence brings together analytics, data visualization and IoT for a 360-degree operational view.   By Ron Stein

Smart Cities: A World of Opportunity in Data
Amsterdam example: Real-time data enables efforts to reduce traffic, pollution, energy usage and crime.   By Frank Harmsen

Healthcare Analytics in Action
Best practices: An operations-driven approach to building an action-oriented analytics framework.
By Shaillee Chopra and Daniel J. Marino

Monte Carlo for the Masses
Free tools from ProbabilityManagement.org automate the data table process for Excel users everywhere.   By Sam Savage

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