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Wednesday, September 07, 2016

Most Important Skill: Problem Solving

Not know the latest code or algorithms, just solve the problem.   In the simplest way possible.  If you can just test solution X easily, just test X!   So true. You have a toolbox full or tools, and very importantly also a book full of resources to call.   You can't know it all, so its good to have access to statisticians, data architects, process experts, decision wonks, domain historians,  coding regulation librarians and ....   Hope you will not need all of these.  And for sheer efficiency, you already have skills in a number of these areas as well.   Always,  Keep it simple as possible.   And when you care done, make sure the problem is really solved.

Nicely stated, and from the DSC:

The Only Skill you Should be Concerned With  ... Posted by Sean McClure
"The languages you learn, the technologies you use, and the way you frame your thoughts will be a byproduct of your attempts to solve the problem."

" ... When you are trying to solve challenges you don't use a language because it happens to be hyped. You don't use a technology stack because some expert of the day said this is how you do big data. You don't use a specific implementation of lean because you read an article by a millionaire who swears by it. When you are solving problems the only thing that matters is SOLVING THE PROBLEM. What is it the client actually needs? Put all the toys that the cool kids are playing with to the side and have an honest conversation about the problem that needs a solution. This is the only criterion that should govern what approach you take and...here's the key...your skills in the decided-upon tools of choice will grow as a result. .... " 

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