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Saturday, September 03, 2016

Data Citation Explored

A technical problem.  Where does this data come from, a kind of metadata that is often very important but rarely addressed.  I am more interested in how this can be useful in the enterprise.  How about linking the data to a related semantic net?

" .. Citation is essential to traditional scholarship. Citations identify the cited material, help retrieve it, give credit to its creator, date it, and so on. In the context of printed materials (such as books and journals), citation is well understood. However, the world is now digital. Most scholarly and scientific resources are held online, and many are in some kind of database, or a structured, evolving collection of data. For example, most biological reference works have been replaced by curated databases, and vast amounts of basic scientific data—geospatial, astronomical, molecular, and more—are now available online. There is strong demand13,23 that these databases should be given the same scholarly status and appropriately cited, but how can this be done effectively? .... " 

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