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Saturday, September 10, 2016

Amazon Does Open Source Deep Learning

Good to see competition at play.

Amazon goes open source with machine-learning tech, competing with Google’s TensorFlow
 By James Risley

Amazon is making a bigger leap into open-source technology with the unveiling of its machine-learning software DSSTNE.

The newly released program is competing with Google’s TensorFlow, which the search giant open-sourced last year. Amazon says DSSTNE (which stands for Deep Scalable Sparse Tensor Network Engine and is pronounced “Destiny”) excels in situations where there isn’t a lot of data to train the machine-learning system, whereas TensorFlow is geared for handling tons of data.

DSSTNE is also faster than TensorFlow, with Amazon claiming up to 2.1 times the speed in low-data situations. The software comes from Amazon’s need to make recommendations in its retail platform, which required the company to develop neural network programs. However, Amazon doesn’t always have a lot of data to work from when making those recommendations. .... " 

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