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Tuesday, December 01, 2015

Wikipedia Using AI

Curating knowledge is an important aspect of knowledge management. I had wondered that the informal enrollment of editors for the Wikipedia could result in mixed results.  My few attempts led to quick discouragement.  
Once you build a system to understand its ideal structure, you could further use that method to automate some editing tasks.   I had already seen people using the taxonomy of the WP to structure their knowledge, this same AI could be used to manage external uses.

In Wired:  

" ....   Aaron Halfaker just built an artificial intelligence engine designed to automatically analyze changes to Wikipedia.

Wikipedia is the online encyclopedia anyone can edit. In crowdsourcing the creation of an encyclopedia, the not-for-profit website forever changed the way we get information. It’s among the ten most-visited sites on the Internet, and it has swept tomes like World Book and Encyclopedia Britannica into the dustbin of history. But it’s not without flaws. If anyone can edit Wikipedia, anyone can mistakenly add bogus information. And anyone can vandalize the site, purposefully adding bogus information. Halfaker, a senior research scientist at the Wikimedia Foundation, the organization that oversees Wikipedia, built his AI engine as a way of identifying such vandalism.  ... "

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