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Sunday, December 06, 2015

Service Design

Useful description of a need for design in service process delivery.      See also Service Design.

" ... SCAD Service Design students proudly (or should I say, courageously...) present the first product based on the Service Design Taxonomy. 

Actually, it all started with an analysis that tried to map all functions that a service blueprint could facilitate. One of the most interesting ones was "facilitating cross-functional communication in support of customer-focused solutions" (Bitner, Ostrom 2008). That it is why it was named "huddle," the Service Design Huddle.

Basically, it is a workshop led by Service Designers and promotes a conversation with a group of stakeholders about an existing or new service proposition. This conversation should have from two to four hours duration and discuss each one of the 68 words that compose the taxonomy. The main goal is to select a "size" for each word, represented by a folding paper card, following a specific category sequence. The size of the card  (1/1, 1/2 or 1/4) should be selected based on the consideration or effort that the participants believe is or will be exerted to that word within the specific service. ... " 

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