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Thursday, December 10, 2015

Kroger and Predictive Analytics

Kroger and predictive merchandising.  Kroger's Improved Analytic Capabilities Powers Merchandising Decisions  ....

" ... One key area where the in-house analytics team is being leveraged is in analyzing consumer behavior and predicting demand. As the healthy and organic craze moves from the buzz and niche phase to an established long-term trend, mega grocers like Kroger are quickly joining the likes of Whole Foods and Trader Joes and offering healthier food options to meet rising demand.  

"We certainly do a lot of predictive analytics with data we see not just inside our stores but overall in the economy, trying to figure out where the consumer is going," Schlotman said. "It clearly does seem as though there's going to be persistence and shift to a more healthy lifestyle and maybe out of some of the traditional center-of-the-store categories into more fresh categories."

In typical Kroger style they are not just following the trend but setting the pace. The grocer not only sells natural and organic products but has its own store brand Simple Truth dedicated to providing healthy food options.... " 

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