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Tuesday, December 08, 2015

An Information Cartography

Information Cartography, illustrationIn the CACM: 'Metro maps' of information and its use in narratives.  Video.   A means to understand use architectures?  Fascinating, but I need to see it with real examples.

" .... Several methods have sought to summarize and visualize narratives.2,28,29 However, most work only for simple stories that are linear in nature. In contrast, complex stories exhibit a nonlinear structure; stories spaghetti into branches, side stories, dead ends, and intertwining narratives. To explore them, users need a map to guide them through unfamiliar territory.

We previously introduced a methodology for creating structured summaries of information we call "metro maps." The name is metaphoric; just as cartographic maps have been relied on for centuries to help us understand our surroundings, metro maps help us understand the information landscape. In this article, we explore methods we have developed for automatically creating metro maps of information. ,,, " 

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