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Friday, November 05, 2010

Social Media Strategy and LinkedIn

At a local Business Intelligence meeting I met Crystal Thies, of Crystal Clear Buzz.  She does social media strategy.  In particular I liked some of her thoughts and insight on the effective use of LinkedIn.  Based on conversations I have had with users of LinkedIn,  its use is often considered a mystery.  Checking with her is a good first step.

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kjudd152@gmail.com said...

I am an avid user of Linkedin and volunteer time to teach people how to more effectively leverage it as a valuable networking tool. What I and those that I work with focus on, are these areas:
For the unemployed, underemployed:
1) It provides you a way to find personal contacts in target companies to help you get your resume into the right hands and set up interviews.
2) More HR professionals are using it as a place to post jobs and get recommendations of potential candidates
3) HR professionals and recruiters are using it as a way to find qualified candidates for open positions they are trying to fill.
4) When preparing for an interview it is an excellent tool to help prepare for those you will be interviewing with.

For the employed it is a good way to help keep in touch with colleges as you change positions and companies. It is also a valuable tool to help grow business by providing personal contacts into potential, suppliers, customers and partners.
The power of the tool is its ability to help you leverage the exponential reach you achieve by connecting to people and then through them to people they know and are connected to. It is a tool to help people to be more effective networkers and in today’s environment networking is critical. Just keep in mind that it is a tool and like all tools must be used effectively and in conjunction with other tools and skills.
Some quick tips. Get started it is easy to edit your profile and change things. Search for people that would be like you and learn from their profiles. Get ideas and tips by learning from others. Talk to your network and attend networking groups and you will likely find free advice to help you get started. Remember that like networking Linkedin is also a contact sport so jump in and start using the tool.