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Tuesday, October 02, 2018

Scaling Knowledge

Interesting question.   Ultimately we must scale to operation.  What are the challenges?  In part the knowledge within the org charts, and what are the implications for decision makers.

Scaling Knowledge
The hardest thing about scaling a company is communication.

The more people that work at a company, the more nodes in the network, the more links between them. In a completely decentralized network, the number of connections is proportional to the square of the number of nodes. In a hierarchical network, each node is only connected to X peers, which limits complexity but also significantly decreases the flow of information. The reason why messaging platforms like Slack are so important today is that they reduce communication friction, allowing companies greater flexibility and/or greater throughput in how they design their communications network architectures. Or, in people-speak: their org charts.

If you’ve ever been at a company that has grown from 20 to 500 employees, you will have felt this process in your lived experience. What were once impromptu conversations turn into scheduled meetings. Your calendar starts to come under pressure. You simply spend a greater percentage of your time saying or typing words to other people.

There are three types of knowledge that people within a company need to communicate to one another.  ... "

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