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Saturday, October 06, 2018

Roles Driving AI Projects

In Forbes, this follows on some of my breadth points. Think of any technical roles being able to either be one of ...  these roles or influence them.

Top 3 Roles Driving A Majority Of AI Projects  in Cognitive World
in Forbes: Naveen Joshi Contributor   ....

We know that the ability of AI to drive organizational growth, innovate internal workflows, automate tedious and mundane jobs, enrich customer experience, and meet business goals is just incredible. Hence, in this era of business transformation, organizations are readily utilizing AI and its potential to partake in the technological revolution and innovation in business. Leveraging AI can either make or break an organization, depending completely on ‘how’ and ‘where’ the technology is used. However, leveraging the technology is secondary. Organizations should understand that the innovative technology, AI, can only deliver the expected benefits if the people associated with an AI project collaborate with the technology in the right way. The roles driving AI projects in any organization include business leaders, IT experts and customer service representatives. Each of these roles must perform their responsibility to the best fo their ability to drive an AI project to success.

Roles driving AI projects

Every organization aims to achieve successful AI implementation, yet AI will work faster, give optimum results, reduce operational costs, and enhance workforce productivity only if the employees within the organization are hard-working, talented, and skillful. Let’s check out the different roles associated with AI projects:   .... "

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