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Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Maintenance via Sound Analysis

Not a new thing,  but useful as it could be used to augment human capabilities.  This had been suggested previously using neural, machine learning methods.

Sound Software for Fault Detection in Machinery 

A European Union-funded research project has developed software based on the human auditory system that can analyze sound to determine if industrial machinery requires maintenance. The Horizon2020 neuronSW team integrated advanced algorithms, machine learning, and big data analysis to mimic the human auditory cortex and enable early detection and prediction of breakdowns. Said SME NeuronSW Ltd.'s Jiri Cermak, "The technology leverages machine learning, the cloud, and the Internet of Things to deliver a detection service which emulates human intuition about sound." The neuronSW solution lets manufacturers perform intelligent audio diagnostics and monitor key pieces of machinery by the sounds they generate. Cermak said, "The integrated hardware and software platform automatically gather the sound of machines in real time and continuously assesses the equipment's health."  ... ' 

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