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Monday, October 08, 2018

Dynamic Programming Methods

Below was given earlier this week, Patrick Madden is developing an APP to analyze problems so you can determine what methods will work well.  Below the fold are some technical details about the App and its projected availability.    Combinatoric and dynamic programming a longtime interest of mine.  I plan to test this as it becomes available.  Technical.

Dynamic Programming for the Masses

Original Presentation at UC:  Slides.

Prof Patrick Madden, SUNY Bighamton.   Patrick.Madden@gmail.com

App Store Preview:

I'll be putting together some videos to try to explain what the heck I'm doing with the app -- but in short, it's brute force enumeration of the solution space, coupled with the ability to prune using whatever the user thinks appropriate.  If there's clear dominance, you can use dynamic-programming style Pareto techniques.  If there's a good heuristic, you can select a certain number of solutions based on whatever ranking makes sense.  If the solution space is small, just use brute force.  I'll be in Taiwan later this summer to give a course on combinatorial optimization, and will spend part of the time to talk about what I'm doing with the app -- so there may be a video of that popping up.

The app supports AirDrop, so ".es" files can be dropped onto it, and it'll export solutions as CSV.  You can edit problem definitions within the app, but using the on-screen keyboard isn't a lot of fun.  The plan is to release a library that can be linked into other code -- probably for Linux and Mac -- some time this year.  I may try to splice it into Python as well.

Let me know if you've got questions, or run into trouble!    Patrick

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