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Tuesday, October 09, 2018

Cisco Joins Blockchain Alliances

In a further indication of their seriousness in the space, Cisco has joined more BlockChain alliances.  Ecosystems are key and that is what Cisco is about.  They outline why they are doing this:

Why Cisco Has Joined Three More Blockchain Alliances   By Anoop Nannra in Cisco Blog

As we consider the complexity and vastness of the journey we’ve been on with blockchain, it’s become evident there’s still more work to be done at the ecosystem level. Cisco is a big believer in strategic partnerships in the blockchain space — that’s why we’re co-founding members of the Trusted IoT Alliance and Hyperledger.  Additionally, that’s why we have joined three more initiatives.

Blockchain is but a tool in a big tool chest of technologies, but it’s an especially important one because it can be a binding factor to drive transformational change. We’ve recently joined three more blockchain initiatives to help further advance research in a number of areas:

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