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Monday, October 01, 2018

Bots Changing the Way we Buy

Thoughts on bots and buying.    Curation comes up.  It also works with things as 'simple' as search.    You freely initiated it, but it also has curation in mind.

How Will AI Bots Change the Way We Buy Consumer Products? I Shop, You Buy? By Kristina Rogers in Consumergoods

Today I can go and buy toothpaste or go and shop for some. Whichever way I describe it, the activity is the same. Maybe the only difference would be whether I get my toothpaste online or in the “real world.” But in the near future, I think the words buying and shopping will begin to describe very different activities.

‘Buying’ won’t take up much of our time or attention. Today, I can tell a device on my kitchen counter to add toothpaste to my virtual shopping list. How long will it be until I trust artificial intelligence (AI) to curate a selection of product choices for me? I’d be happy for it to buy a lot of the mundane products that I don’t really want to think about. Which would likely include most of the consumer goods I use.

My AI platform of choice would become an entry point to a broader ecosystem of products, services, transactions, payment and fulfillment. It would know me well enough to evaluate what products or services I need and when. It won’t just find me the best deal on price; it will source brands and suppliers that reflect my values.

This kind of AI activity can sound a little intrusive to some people. To be sure, besides my children directing Siri to do all sorts of things, I'm personally not yet there. Somehow, I don't have time to get organized with a bot despite its promise to save me time! But 47% of consumers already say they are open to the idea of buying items through a chatbot. And almost half of U.S. consumers say they are willing to share personal information if it gets them a better deal, according to HubSpot Research. ... " 

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