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Thursday, September 14, 2017

Neato Maps Rooms

More cleaning, mapping.  Other applications in the smart home?

Neato D7
Neato Adds Persistent, Actionable Maps to New D7 Robot Vacuum
By Evan Ackerman in IEEE Spectrum

The Neato D7 remembers the layout of your home, allowing it to recognize virtual no-go lines and respond to them as it cleans, doing away with physical barriers.

Vacuums are the most successful consumer home robots ever, and they’re likely to remain so for quite a while, simply because they do quite a good job at keeping your floors clean in a reliable and affordable way. For robot vacuum manufacturers, this is a bit of a problem: As we very often point out in our reviews, lower-end models clean just about as effectively as more expensive ones, often making it difficult to justify an upgrade.

Today, Neato Robotics is introducing a new flagship robot vacuum that we think offers one of the most significant advances we’ve seen in years: persistent, actionable maps. Like its predecessors, the D7 uses a lidar sensor to create a map of your house as it goes, but now, the robot will remember that map and allow you to interact with it. Neato is starting off simple with what you’ll be able to do (like defining no-go zones), but it’s an incredibly powerful feature that’s necessary for the future of all home robots. .... " 

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