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Wednesday, August 09, 2017

Data Fracking Dark Data

Found this to be an interesting,  the idea of 'Data Fracking' ... a means of finding the right data.   Better way to find and use your data assets?  Improving access to the right data.  Broadly using the oil drilling method as metaphor.  Developed by a company called Datumize.  Through the use of the right Dark Data, which is unused data in or outside your company.

" .... Effectively exploiting this resource will require new techniques.  Data Fracking™ is a new approach focused on the discovery, collection, integration and deployment of Dark Data so it can be collected, refined and made available for use to enhance your operational and decision making processes.  Data Fracking™ enables the discovery, collection, integration and utilization of this previously untapped resource. .... " ,   Have not tried this as yet, but plan to follow up.  Piece on this in DSC.   And a white paper on the method.

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