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Sunday, July 09, 2017

Sideways Elevators

Recall this being discussed for use in the design of large hotels and in aggregated cityscapes.    More than a quantum escalator.  Does it have a real future?  At the link, fascinating pictures of how it works.  See also my posts on modeling elevators.

The Sideways Eleveator of the Future is Here, and It's Wild
by Elizabeth Stinson in Wired.

PEOPLE LAUGHED WHEN ThyssenKrupp, a company synonymous with elevators, announced it was developing one that goes every which way. Who'd ever heard of such a thing? Everyone knows elevators go just two directions: Up and down. Some took to calling it the Wonkavator, after Willy Wonka’s wacky lift that goes sideways, slantways, and longways.

"There were some doubts," company CEO Patrick Bass says with just a bit of understatement. Put aside your doubts. After three years of work, the company is testing the Multi in a German tower and finalizing the safety certification. This crazy contraption zooms up, down, left, right, and diagonally. ThyssenKrupp just sold the first Multi to a residential building under construction in Berlin, and expects to sell them to other developers soon.  ... "

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