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Sunday, July 09, 2017

Google Lens as Augmented Reality

We are soon to see a number of applications that will use our advanced smartphones as a form of 'augmented reality'.    I saw the 'Google Lens' demonstrated this year which allows you point your phone at a flower, and the system will identify it. Imagine this kind of recognition and classification system working with many things in personal and business life.  A sort of search based on visual images coming from a smartphone.   Like barcode scan, but based on images.  Apple seems to have related methods planned for its AR offerings.   Probably where we will see AR much sooner than as a general interface.  Much more at link below:

Google Lens offers a snapshot of the future for augmented reality and AI  by Adam Sinicki

"... What is Google Lens?
Google Lens is a tool that effectively brings search into the real world. The idea is simple: you point your phone at something around you that you want more information on and Lens will provide that information.

So yes, it sounds a lot like Google Goggles. It might also sound familiar to anyone who has tried out Bixby on their Galaxy S8s. Only it’s, you know, much better than either of those things. In fact, it is supposedly so good, that it can now identify the species of any flower you point it at. It can also do OCR tricks (Optical Character Recognition – i.e. reading) and a whole lot besides. ... " 

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