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Tuesday, July 11, 2017

AI Methods in Enterprise Software

OK , but with still a narrow view of AI, by these definitions we were using analytics/AI in the enterprise in the 80s.  Still some good recent examples and a good direction to make these new business process and operations oriented methods more often used.

AI Makes Inroads into Enterprise Software
By Alex Woodie  in  Datanami

Enterprise software is often maligned as a legacy holdover from a previous age, a low-growth market dominated by stodgy software companies out to milk maintenance streams from hapless victims. But two giants of enterprise software, OpenText and Infor, today showed that even giants can move nimbly when it comes to putting artificial intelligence into the hands of its customers.

Infor‘s big announcement today was Coleman, its new AI platform for its cloud-based enterprise software suites. The ERP giant says Coleman’s will help Infor clients by recommending actions to take and automating repetitive tasks currently performed by human employees.

“Coleman is our cloud-based AI platform with a collection of industry-specific AI services that harnesses our vast data set and industry knowledge,” Infor co-president Duncan Angove in a keynote address at today’s Inforum conference in New York City. “Coleman brings the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning to the enterprise and it helps you seize the moment by making the best decision every time.” .... " 

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