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Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Adam Optimization for Machine Learning

Been enjoying some of the writing of Jason Brownlee, who below introduces us to Adam Optimization, new to me.    He has compiled some of his other writing at the link, worth examining and buying.  Have done that.  As in all methods, optimizing their application is useful.

Gentle Introduction to the Adam Optimization Algorithm for Deep Learning
by Jason Brownlee

The choice of optimization algorithm for your deep learning model can mean the difference between good results in minutes, hours, and days.

The Adam optimization algorithm is an extension to stochastic gradient descent that has recently seen broader adoption for deep learning applications in computer vision and natural language processing.

In this post, you will get a gentle introduction to the Adam optimization algorithm for use in deep learning.

After reading this post, you will know:

What the Adam algorithm is and some benefits of using the method to optimize your models.

How the Adam algorithm works and how it is different from the related methods of AdaGrad and RMSProp.  How the Adam algorithm can be configured and commonly used configuration parameters. ...  " 

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