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Friday, May 12, 2017

Microsoft Cortana Everywhere

In the Build conference Microsoft stated that they want to be everywhere, and with everyone as a partner. I have had Cortana on a Windows 10 device for some time, but have found little use for it. They have finally launched the skill set for Cortana to let developers get creative.  Needs more creative intelligence.  I look forward to that.   Its not only being everywhere, its people noticing you are there.

Microsoft's dream of owning the living room hinges on Cortana
Alexa had better watch her back.

In Engadget by Nicole Lee, @nicole

When Microsoft unveiled Cortana three years ago, it was positioned as the company's response to Siri and Google Now. But as Windows Phone faltered, Microsoft wisely shifted Cortana over to other mobile platforms and Windows PCs, where it could hook into your calendar and email to offer even more personalized assistance. Now, it appears that Microsoft wants Cortana to take over yet another space -- the living room.

At Build, Microsoft's annual developer conference, the company revealed that it was working on several Cortana-powered smart speakers that would take on Amazon's Echo. Aside from the Harmon Kardon Invoke that was leaked earlier this week, both HP and Intel are working on their own Cortana-powered speakers. What's more, Microsoft also launched a Cortana Skills Kit so developers can teach the personal assistant new skills or at least convert them from Alexa.  ... " 

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