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Friday, May 12, 2017

Automation and Creativity

 The Art of Algorithms: How Automation Is Affecting Creativity
in VentureBeat    by Paul Sawyers

There is increasing cross-fertilization between art and computers, with machine intelligence and automation likely to disrupt the creative fields. For example, the Prisma application employs deep-learning neural networks to render smartphone photos in an artistic style selected by the user. Automation also is making inroads into the design field, with an artificial intelligence (AI)-based do-it-yourself Web design service from Wix one of many products. 

Music is another area in which machine intelligence is progressing, with an emphasis on AI-augmented music writing that could blur the line between amateur and veteran composers and musicians. Constantly improving algorithms also are composing readable journalistic articles, with one scientist anticipating a machine will eventually win a Pulitzer while others expect assistive AI tools for human journalists. Language translation could benefit from algorithms, with 100-percent automation used in some cases and human-computer collaboration in others. Ultimately, artistically-inclined computers could be excellent teachers or mentors to human artists.  .... " 

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