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Tuesday, May 09, 2017

Marketer as Technologist

Its not a perception,  at least in recent years.  More likely is that the technologists don't know marketing.  Or you insert the business process at hand.  But in general that is easier to remedy. But is that done?

The Marketer as Technologist   Maria Marinina   In Customerthink:

There is a misperception, especially among IT resources, that marketers are airheads that need to be provided data that only specialists, like data scientists, can provide. This ignores the fact that some marketers saw the possibilities of GIS and shopping basket data many years ago. They built comprehensive spatial knowledge bases of gravity groupings and their buying behavior that could be used to plan the best location for shopping malls, or predict the need for a new product across a particular demographic. These experienced (but soon to retire) marketers will find it simple to take advantage of the avalanches of new data available.  .... "

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