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Wednesday, April 05, 2017

Thinking Supply Chain

Watson as it might apply to supply chains. Starting to take a closer look.  In IBM's view:

" ... According to the IBM Institute for Business Value research, lack of visibility and transparency is the greatest hurdle in achieving the supply chain organization’s objectives.[3] Most organizations lack transparency into critical links in supply chain processes – as well as the visibility needed to better predict and prevent disruptions and inventory imbalance. This largely stems from an inability to corral and make sense of an overwhelming amount of data, scattered across different processes, sources, and systems.

This is an ideal area to apply supply chain technology. Cognitive technology can:

- Enhance existing systems by understanding, reasoning, and learning about suppliers, partners, and the supply chain

- Analyze data at enormous scale and speed for deeper insights

-Establish comprehensive visibility across the supply chain

- Provide robust capabilities to intelligently monitor and assess threats, disruptions, and risks ... " 

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