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Wednesday, April 05, 2017

Polinode Graph Analytics Updates

Been writing about the Polinode system for   "...  networking analysis capability in the cloud .. "   for some time.  They continue to update their offering.  See also, their blog.

" ... We are thrilled to announce that a number of major new features have recently been added to Polinode. In brief they are: 

Layers: You can now stack operations on top of each other (think "Photoshop for Networks");
Roll-up: You can now roll-up any network by any text attribute; 

Themes: With a single click you can change the visual appearance of a network; and
Labels: It's now possible to size, color and filter node labels in any network.

To read more about the above and see some animations demonstrating the new features click here to read our latest blog post.

For more information.
At the same time as introducing the above, we've also simplified our pricing for Networks. There are now four plans - Free, Basic, Standard and Enterprise. Paid plans start at the same low $20 / month. 

You can see a detailed summary of this new simplified pricing structure at www.polinode.com

For all the latest news about Polinode, please follow us on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook or Google+. And of course, we'd love you to share our latest blog post on social media!   ... " 

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