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Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Manufacturing Needs Digital Ready Infrastructure

In the Cisco Blog.  Makes sense.  Note the mention of VR, which led me to this in a search for practical examples.

Why Do Factories Need a Digital-Ready Infrastructure?   by Nada MacKinney

Digital transformation, digital business, digitization,  digital disruption. There are countless ways to phrase it, but it boils down to this. When digital technologies enable new business models, that’s digital transformation. Digital factory initiatives are generating incredible business outcomes, and at the core there’s a common denominator—a digital-ready infrastructure.

Manufacturers’ Distinct Take on Digital Transformation

In manufacturing, digital transformation means consumers using virtual reality to design their own products. It includes collaboration across multiple engineering teams or between customers and plant floor experts. It means robotics bringing new levels of automation and accuracy to the plant floor. Digital transformation cranks up efficiency by connecting every extremity of the supply chain for total visibility. It pushes efficiency by using sensors to track assets, tools and people for improved safety and security. Digitally savvy manufacturers increase agility by connecting machines for predictive maintenance, resulting in fewer unplanned  ...  " 

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