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Friday, April 07, 2017

Facebook M Assistant

Has been some time since the Facebook assistant has been mentioned, but it reemerges as a capability providing suggestions.   Trend continues among IT giants as a way to engage.  No review here, awaiting a closer look.  Notable that is cautiously entitled as 'Suggestions from M', as opposed to a chat or conversation with M.

Facebook's M assistant launches in U.S., will offer chat suggestions
A.I.-powered features can suggest users send money, share location, and more   By Blair Hanley Frank

More than a year after introducing a virtual assistant in its Messenger app, Facebook is launching M to the masses. While it was originally conceived as a bot that users would chat with, M now only offers a set of suggestions that are supposed to help with the conversation being carried out.

For example, when users are chatting about getting together for dinner, M will suggest that they create a shared plan that will remind them of the engagement as it approaches. The assistant will give them suggested stickers to react to conversational turns, along with prompts to transfer money, share location, start a poll, or get a ride from Uber or Lyft.   ... " 

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