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Saturday, April 01, 2017

CPG Manufacturing

Excellent points made.  Lots of legacy, lack of complete standards.  Where are the ontologies?

CPG manufacturers need a comprehensive strategy for digitization
By Luis Benavides, Marnix Hollander, Frédéric Lefort, and Julian Salguero

Increasingly competitive CPG markets are making consumer-centered innovation—and the successful adoption of digital technologies—essential as the CPG landscape evolves through 2030.

The relentless hype around digital in consumer-packaged-goods (CPG) manufacturing has left many leaders disoriented and paralyzed by the many buzzwords and the promised benefits of digital tools. At the same time, their efforts to gain traction with digital are hindered by legacy systems, processes, and capabilities. A recent McKinsey survey of senior CPG leaders found that most consider digital technologies to be a priority, but few have defined a clear strategic vision linked to actions. The major obstacles cited were a lack of skilled resources, out-of-date software models and an inadequate IT infrastructure, the absence of data standards, and obsolete data-management ... "

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