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Tuesday, April 11, 2017

CPG Companies and Data Assets

Good to see this push, complex and deep data assets point towards the need for better analytics.  The idea of data as an asset has been much mentioned here, and experimented with.  See the Data Assets tag below.

Playing catch-up in advanced analytics
By Luis Benavides, Rehana Khanam, Frédéric Lefort, and Oscar Lovera-Perez

Consumer-packaged-goods (CPG) companies have increasingly gained access to unprecedented amounts of data, and we expect that this trend will intensify over time. However, most companies are generating very limited insight from these newly found sources, leaving a treasure chest of opportunities untapped. Companies that have already captured benefits from this trove of insight are reaching the next frontier of performance. For those companies that have yet to follow suit, it is imperative to take steps to catch up. ... " 

In McKinsey: Among CPG companies’ most underused assets are the vast quantities of data they generate. But there’s still opportunity to invest in industry-beating analytic capabilities. .... " 

Via McKinsey Insights.

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