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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Simulating for Success

In Fortune:  My early work with analytics was building simulations systems at the Pentagon.  This article describes well how this is done in Defense.  And its improved much since then.  It has been attempted in the enterprise, but not done very well.

The header of the article makes an excellent point:  " ....  Simulating real-world scenarios, and talking about what went wrong, can vastly improve performance. ... " .  The phrase implies the use of techniques like the After Action Review (AAR), which takes the time to understand failures to keep from repeating them.  Rare in the enterprise.  

And it's about culture too:  " ... Business leaders would be wise to learn from the military world, which has created a culture that emphasizes the value of simulating difficult situations and learning from the results, writes Geoff Colvin. For this to work, leaders have to be humble enough to realize that there is always room for growth and learning, he writes ... " 

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