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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

What Should be Done With Dark Data?

In CWorld:  This is always an issue, in the past we often reviewed data being gathered and either stopped gathering it or aggregated it.  Often aggregating to uselessness. Now do we know what we could use in the future?   That is the problem of dark data.  Is such data a liability when it is stored? Or an investment for future value?  Today we error toward the latter.

" ... Dark data - one of the latest trending discussions in data and analytics - is currently defined as data that a business creates and saves, but isn’t used to run the business. I’d like to offer up an addition to that definition: Dark data should also include data that a business creates but does not currently save. 

The question many people are asking is: What should be done with dark data? Some say data should never be thrown away, as storage is so cheap, and that data may have a purpose in the future. ... " 

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