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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Sensors are Impacting the Supply Chain

Yes, they have for a long time.  My domain for many years.   But many new methods  are now influencing the space. GigaOM explores.   An extensive report I am reading now.

    " ... Collecting information is no longer the most pressing concern for today’s organizations. Now the challenge is turning the data into useful information that can be acted on by all members of the organization. When equipped with powerful smartphones, employees, suppliers, and customers can constantly collect and share information. Additionally, billions of sensors, a part of what we call the “internet of things,” collect massive amounts of data. The impact of these sensors affects all parts of the organization, but this research report will focus on their direct impact on the supply chain. Innovative companies that respond to data in real time will enjoy improved throughput times, will be able to better meet customer demand, and can reduce stockouts and maximize revenue. Exceptions, delays, and discounts will be reduced, but when they occur the details will immediately be shared with other departments to minimize the overall impact. ... "

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