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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

On Creating Flavors

I worked for some time on using business analytics methods to create coffee flavors.  Here CBS 60 Minutes  talks about creating flavors.    As might be expected for them they develop a 'hit' angle regarding the addictive aspect of flavors.  Yes, all good flavors are 'addictive' in some sense.  Like CBS news is trying to be sensationally addictive to the right audience.

" ... Most consumers probably don't think twice about the process to create a piece of gum or a bottle of flavored water, but behind these products is a long line of scientists and flavorists who work hard to find the right flavor notes that will have items flying off the shelves. The largest flavoring company in the world, Givaudan, took "60 Minutes" behind the scenes to search for flavors in Mother Nature that are then reproduced in labs and turned into products consumers see on grocery shelves ... " 

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