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Thursday, October 07, 2010

My Body, My Data, My Health

Mark Montgomery of Kyield issues a post entitled:  Americans must Unite: My Body, my Data, my Health. About the increasing complexity of the health care system.   How will new technologies help us to solve this worsening dilemma?

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Mark Montgomery said...

Hi Franz,

As you know we've been working on related problems for years, and have developed a comprehensive semantic healthcare platform that is designed specifically to optimize the technology opportunity to improve the macro issue, but I did not want this piece to come off as a promotion so didn't even mention our company or products. One of the challenges, which technology can play a role in information consumption and education, is with the culture in healthcare-- among other issues a large swath is academic and anything for profit is considered evil, which is simply baseless-- in my consultancy early on we found the entity type had nothing to do with financial abuse, fraud, etc., but rather the culture of the people. In fact one of the problems facing communities today is that non-profits don't pay a large portion of local taxes, and have been among the fastest growing types of commerce and economic entities for decades-- one of the many obstacles facing HC is clearly to replace idealism with facts.