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Wednesday, August 04, 2010


Just brought to my attention via Andrew Paradies. AisleBuyer A Smartphone based engagement and convenience enhancement idea for retail. An idea we explored a number of times in the innovation center. The broad use of smartphones makes these kinds of capabilities inevitable. They will change many of the dynamics between manufacturer, retailer and shopper. Worth a close look.

He writes in their blog: " ... We started AisleBuyer with a simple proposition: Why can’t retail shoppers enjoy the same benefits that online shoppers enjoy? After all, E-commerce shopping provides nearly unlimited product information, customer reviews, special offers based on shopping behavior…and when you’re ready to pay – checkout is instantaneous. It seemed strange to us that, while we all own mobile devices that can access online shopping information while you’re in a retail store…yet no one had created a way to combine those features with instantaneous self-checkout... "

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