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Tuesday, June 17, 2008


New photography magazine and blog, from Photrade: Helping Photographers be Awesome. See also recent article: Depth of Field with Dwight Schrute, instructive for us photo neophytes.


Chris Bergman said...

I hear the Editor for that blog looks dang good in a bathing suit. Just something I heard, though.

timsdd said...

DOF is one of my most fav subjects, even started a myspace photo group about it@

Franz Dill said...

Thanks Tim, appreciate the comments. Like many of us out here we have taken lots of pictures, but don't know the tech details that could help us take better pictures. I had several looks at your digital darkroom site http://www.timsdd.com/ good site. I will take a longer look later and write up a review on my blog. Have already passed along your URL to some of my friends.