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Monday, March 26, 2007

Ultimate Blog : Livecasting

I have posted about recording ones life in various forms. Notable is the Microsoft Mylifebits Project and related methods to record audio, video and computing media. A number of people have also taken the next step to record much of their lives. See, for example, Justin TV, where Justin is capturing an audio and video record of his life, 24X7 and streaming it on the web. Includes, thus, all of his professional meetings. I watched his interaction at a meeting at Podtech today, and it was a revelation. This goes beyond what Steve Mann did at MIT in the 90s where he recorded selected parts of his life. Many will see this as bizarre, but the technology exists to perform various forms of this kind of recording today and its likely we will see more of this. This also leads to new understanding of how wearable sensors, cameras and computers can be implemented. Implications for storing corporate knowledge, and how to separate it from personal experience? Applications for consumer research?

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