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Monday, January 22, 2007


The Citizendium wiki is an alternative to the Wikipedia developed by one of its founders, Larry Sanger, his blog. It specifically addresses some of the criticisms of the wikipedia, namely that many WP entries are mediocre and sometimes wrong or agenda-driven. The citizendium is an expert edited wiki, which attempts to remove some of the WPs inaccuracies. Originally they planned to 'fork' the WP, in other words start with its entries, and then have experts edit them. Now they have decided this is not the way to go and they are starting from scratch. Is this because editing does not have the same appeal as creating? Will this new form of hive intelligence work better than the WP? The WP also has a very big head-start with a crtical mass Citizendium does not have. Impressed by the attempt. It still requires a login and is subject indexed rather than search friendly. What are the implications for other intelligence-aggregating social technologies? And, about Citizendium in Wikipedia.

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