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Thursday, August 03, 2017

Quantum, Cause and Effect

Will Quantum computing be able to take advantage of the very strange nature of time in Quantum physics?   Causality?  At the micro level perhaps, but beyond?    Introduction to the idea in Nature.

How Quantum Trickery Can Scramble Cause and Effect    In Nature

“Most of the attempts to understand quantum mechanics involve trying to save some aspects of the old classical picture, such as particle trajectories,” says Brukner. But history shows us that what is generally needed in such cases is something more, he says — something that goes beyond the old ideas, such as a new way of thinking about causality itself. “When you have a radical theory, to understand it you usually need something even more radical.”  ... " 

We still live in a macro world, which we must model.  Quantum lives in the microstructure.  Bridging these will be only the first challenge.

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