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Friday, August 11, 2017

Platt Research Institute: Journal of Retail Analytics

Have begun to follow, details for sign-in and article download at the link:

Journal of Retail Analytics

PRI’s Journal of Retail Analytics is a comprehensive quarterly publication that includes news and case studies regarding retail analytics, digital customer-facing technologies, and related topics. The Journal provides a snapshot of the economy as it impacts retailers and consumers. In addition, the Journal examines trends in the use of retail analytics and details developments in the digital communications industry. Authors include industry thought leaders and leading academics, among others.

PRI’s offices, projects, and extensive contacts in North America and Europe enable the firm to report on cutting-edge global events. Furthermore, the Journal features distinguished guest columnists, thought-provoking case studies, network profiles, and more.

If you are interested in submitting an article for publication in the Journal, please review the current Submission Guidelines.

The most recent edition of the Journal of Retail Analytics is available for free download below. Articles in the 2Q 2017 issue include:

Audio Management and Delivery Strategies for Retail Environments by Reto Brader, Vice President, Sales and Marketing, Barix

Building a Relationship That Online Shopping Can’t Replace by Richard Ventura, Vice President of Product Marketing and Solutions, NEC Display Solutions

Comparison of Traditional Predictive Analytics Tools Versus Artificial Intelligence-Based Solutions by Gary Saarenvirta, CEO, Daisy Intelligence

How Online Reviews Influence Sales by Spiegel Research Center, Northwestern University
Strategic Data Management in Retail Labeling Systems by Elizabeth Sinclair, Vertical Marketing Manager, Seagull Scientific

The Apple Store versus the Microsoft Store: Using Retail Analytics to Measure Customer Behavior Case Study — Part I by D. Anthony Miles, Founder and CEO, Miles Development Industries Corporation

The Role of Emerging Technologies in Retail: A Retail Roundtable   ... " 

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