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Tuesday, August 01, 2017

Neuroscience Inspired AI

Quite a good and detailed look at the past and potential future of this inspiration.    But it remains just inspiration,  and is not a detailed road map.  Even the successful neural nets used for deep learning  are very crude models of human neurons. Lots more to understand, model and do.

Neuroscience-Inspired Artificial Intelligence
 Demis Hassabis, Dharshan Kumaran, Christopher Summerfield, Matthew Botvinick
of DeepMind, now part of Google.

The fields of neuroscience and artificial intelligence (AI) have a long and intertwined history. In more recent times, however, communication and collaboration between the two fields has become less commonplace. In this article, we argue that better understanding biological brains could play a vital role in building intelligent machines. We survey historical interactions between the AI and neuroscience fields and emphasize current advances in AI that have been inspired by the study of neural computation in humans and other animals. We conclude by highlighting shared themes that may be key for advancing future research in both fields. ... " 

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