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Tuesday, August 01, 2017

Kuri Finds a Skill as Family Photographer

The crawling, bleeping, recording, greeting, even friendly home robot called Kuri has announced a new skill.  It can now act as a kind of resident family still and videographer.

Not quite sure about what other assistant skills might be included, but the idea is interesting.   Beyond a cylinder that is rooted in a location, it moves to where it is needed and records and interacts.

This idea of moving where it is needed is intriguing.  What other possibilities does that provide? Security?  Location based assistance?  Don't expect it to mix drinks, but being there can be of value. It avoids the all the complexity of human conversation by only speaking in coded 'bleeps'.

Still listed at $700, Shipping original orders this fall, with new orders coming in a second wave in the spring of 2018.

More in the Kuri blog.  A good idea if delivered well.  This will take quite a few purchases to fund ongoing development, which it will need to sustain any magic it has.

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