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Monday, August 07, 2017

Its All About Continuous Learning

Our own early experiments in AI failed because we ended up needing expensive continuous Maintenance.   We need continual learning, and we need to plan for that up front.  I always recommend that for projects that seek to integrate intelligence in process.   Feedback will likely be sparse at first,  but needs to be built-in and well designed.

Good piece in O'Reilly:

Why continuous learning is key to AI
A look ahead at the tools and methods for learning from sparse feedback.   By Ben Lorica August 7, 2017

" ... I take for granted that future AI systems will rely on continuous learning as opposed to algorithms that are trained offline. Humans learn this way, and AI systems will increasingly have the capacity to do the same. Imagine visiting an office for the first time and tripping over an obstacle. The very next time you visit that scene—perhaps just a few minutes later—you’ll most likely know to look out for the object that tripped you. .... " 

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