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Friday, August 04, 2017

Customer Journey Methods in Retail

My correspondent, among others responds:  "In my experience data science and analytics teams need better ways to activate their work."    Gib Bassett, Customer Success Director, Salesforce .  Agree, and one way is using customer journey analysis.  Its back to where the process meets the analysis.

Can customer journey methodology level the playing field for brick and mortar retail?  by Michael Day   In Retailwire.

" ... Segmentation, predictive analytics, evolving real-time customized offers. Sounds like the sole domain of ecommerce pure plays, but brick and mortar retailers are moving toward the deployment of these and other tools to better understand how a customer journey approach to marketing and merchandising can help stave off ecommerce competitors and, maybe, beat them at their own game.

The customer journey approach focuses on the business value of integrating and operationalizing data, and leveraging that knowledge to truly understand how consumers behave during the process of buying products and services. It helps optimize marketing and the customer experience, based on integrated capabilities for connected data, analytics and interactions. And does it by enhancing each customers’ experience over time, across multiple channels and touch points, delivering relevant, timely and context-based communications. This, now more than ever, can and should be an imperative for brick and mortar retailers.  ... " 

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