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Friday, August 04, 2017

Crowdsourced Testing

 Seeing Crowdsourcing continue to become more common.

Managing Crowdsourced Testing  | by Ben Linders

Crowdsourced testing is a unique way of involving the crowd- meaning the real users/testers- into software testing under real world conditions. It helped Swisscom to find defects very early in the development process and increase the quality of products, argued Maja Schreiner. Gathering and summarizing all feedback can be a challenge; having developers involved helped to speed up test cycles and improve understanding of how the product is tested and how the testers are thinking.

Maja Schreiner, senior test manager at Swisscom, spoke about crowd testing magic at the Spring Online Testing Conference 2017. InfoQ is covering the conference with Q&As, summaries and articles.

InfoQ interviewed Maja Schreiner after her talk about crowdsourced testing.

InfoQ: What is crowdsourced testing?:   .... ."

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