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Tuesday, August 01, 2017

Connecting to Customers with Voicebots

A excerpt from Venturebeat, not from a while ago, about connecting to customers via voicebots.  Good piece.   But as of this time the Google Home calling functionality mentioned has not been delivered.

" .... Some companies are already using a mix of bots and humans to respond to customer communications. Stockholm-based Swedbank uses a chatbot on its website to answer questions about foreign currency rates and branch locations. The bot solves consumers’ problems about 80 percent of the time, and the remaining 20 percent are routed to support staff, who can answer more complex account questions. These more complex interactions make or break the customer experience. They’re the points where sales are made and loyalty is cemented — or not.

For the foreseeable future, the best experiences will come from a mix of voice-powered automation and human interaction. While most people are amenable to an automated voice control system if it works well, research shows that people prefer a live conversation with a human to resolve more complex and emotional issues. Businesses need to bring humans into the conversation at the moment when it best serves the customer.

Amazon is working on solving this problem, too. In March, the company introduced cloud-based call center software called AWS Connect that uses the natural language processing and speech recognition technology behind Alexa to interpret what callers want and routes their calls accordingly. Imagine calling an airline, saying “I’d like to change my flight this evening,’ and having a rep immediately talk through three different options on how to get home quickly. ... "

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