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Monday, July 03, 2017

Smelling with VR for Immersion

The CPG company I worked with for years used to have a big foods component and smell and aroma were major sensory components of products and product development.  So we paid much attention to understand how these sensory components might be detected, constructed and delivered.   In reality or virtually.  Coffee, for example, was much studied.    Here the claim is to produce a strong immersive component through smell.

The Sweet Smell Of VR With Vaqso VR

Tokyo start-up Vaqso VR develop a VR scent technology compatible with current VR headsets.

 By Rebecca Hills-Duty  in VRFocus Last updated Jul 3, 2017

The idea of ‘smell-o-vision’ has becomes something of a cultural joke in the past few decades since the idea was originally created for cinemas in the 1960s. Various versions of the technology have been in use since then, being used in theme park attractions and shops to create a suitable atmosphere for consumers. The idea is now making something of a comeback with the rise of virtual reality (VR).

The central concept of VR is that of immersion; the strength of VR lies in its ability to make a VR user truly feel like part of the virtual environment and not just a passive viewer. It is perhaps with this immersion in mind that the idea of adding scent begins to make sense. A Tokyo-based start-up named Vaqso VR has released a small smell-emitter that acts as an accessory for VR headsets. .... "

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