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Saturday, July 08, 2017

Microsoft Discusses Their Mixed Reality Focus

Interesting to watch,  because Microsoft crafts or influences much of the worlds personal computer user experience.  So will user experience become VR or mixed reality?   These technologies give great demonstrations, but how much value do they give to the experience, unless you are gaming or working with a hands-free application of some sort?  Competition with phone based systems?   Links to the conference presentations.

Microsoft Discuss Their Mixed Reality Future

Watch their Taipei conference session in full.
By Kevin Eva   

Earlier this week we brought you news from Taipei where Microsoft were taking part in a ‘WinHEC’ – a Windows Hardware Development Conference, where a number of representatives went through the current crop of mixed reality (MR) related Microsoft products, demonstrated problems and solutions that the technology can solve and explained what the way the technology works. All with an overview of Microsoft’s current plans with regard to MR. ... "

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